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Powerful, portable imaging that puts the patient first.

The Virtual C-DRF combines PortaVision’s innovative patented X-ray source and detector alignment system with a compact, yet powerful, 3kW mobile fluoroscopic X-ray system to create the industry's first state-of-the-art mobile fluoroscopic system to address the technological limitation of current mobile C-Arm systems.


The Virtual C-DRF brings breakthrough mobile fluoroscopic X-ray imaging where you need, when you need it most - hospital intensive care units, patient bedside, emergency rooms, surgery and imaging centers - instead of bringing the patient to the imaging method. Specifically designed to perform modified barium swallow studies, arthrogram, orthopedic joint motion studies & other procedures dependent on fluoroscopy.

To learn more about PortaVision’s revolutionary technology, reference our

Theory of Operation



Continuance Fluoroscopic

  • Tethered connectivity

  • Acquisition rate of 1-15 FPS

  • Real-time image processing & display

  • "Fluoro Loop" or "Last Image Held" Save options

  • Designed specifically for:

    • In-facility modified barium swallow studies

  • Tethered connectivity

  • Acquisition rate of 7.5 FPS

  • AI-based image processing

  • Loop acquisition at a user-defined rate per second

  • Unique "Multi-Rad" mode is ideal for orthopedic joint motion studies

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